About FarmBuilder for ForgeRock

FarmBuilder Features

Our FarmBuilder for ForgeRock product accelerates your ForgeRock deployment in the Amazon Cloud

Rapid deployment with FarmBuilder for Forgerock

Our FarmBuilder product is an extensible accelerator that builds the AWS infrastructure, then deploys and configures the ForgeRock platform components.

FarmBuilder is build on a framework that is customisable to your implementation and extensible to your requirements.


Security Features

FarmBuilder uses native cloud security to ensure that both the deployment process and the IAM platform are secure. A standard networking and deployment pattern is used, which has been designed to provide security and defense in depth. The deployment process manages secrets and certificates securely.


Reduce downtime for deployments

FarmBuilder implements a blue-green deployment pattern to reduce the downtime required for deployment. Most deployments of patches, code changes or product updates can be done without an outage. A new version of the platform is created in parallel to allow it to be tested before it can be commissioned, which also allows for a reduced risk deployment.


Licensing Models

Licensing Models

Our FarmBuilder for Forgerock product is licensed for usage based on your needs. You can use it as an accelerator, or to fully manage your deployments

Build Once

Perfect for System Integrators or Customers to get started quickly

  • Ideal for non-production environments
  • Pay by the environment and deployment
  • You manage the environments once they are built
  • Upgrades can be deployed as required
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Continuous Deployments

Build once and train you to support future deployments

  • Creating unlimited environments
  • Support and training provided
  • For production and non-production
  • Product updates available
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Supported Deployment

Managed deployments from IDNucleus

  • Pay per supported environment
  • For production and non-production
  • Product support
  • Updates provided
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We have pursued automation of ForgeRock in cloud with passion

A major success strategy for automation in IaaS clouds is turning pets into cattle (a.k.a. immutable deployments). However, IAM involves persisting identities. Persistence complicates immutable infrastructure. We have learnt the lessons, and continue to learn as the world continues to evolve. We can save you this effort, so that you can stick to your core competencies.

We'd like to work with you

If you would like to talk to us about your IAM/CIAM implementation then we'd love to hear from you.

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