Terms and Privacy

Privacy Policy

Our policy is not to share any personal information of any sort with any third parties.

Data we collect

Implicit collection

The Content Distribution Network (CDN) used for this site will collect information about geo-location and browser type

In terms of visitors within time segments. The data is already anonymised, and not personally traceable, by the time we get to see it.

Explicit Collection

If you provide an email address in the contact form, then we will use it to respond to your query or message. We will not forward this data on to any third parties, apart from our email provider so that we can send the email(s).

Google Analytics - Cookies and web beacons

We use google analytics to understand which parts of our web-site are of interest to our visitors. We have configured it not to capture IP addresses. It does use cookies and web beacons to be able to tell if the page views are coming from multiple or unique visitors.

By opting out, you will not even get these cookies.