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Our Offering

IDNucleus provides IAM deployment services, specialising in ForgeRock and provides an accelerator to get your IAM offering up and running and quickly.

Consultancy for ForgeRock

  • IAM / CIAM base principles
  • Application integration
  • Social & mobile integration
  • Open Banking and Open APIs

FarmBuilder automated deployments

  • Base account structure
  • ForgeRock components
  • Build, configure, bake, deploy
  • Blue-Green with zero downtime

Pipeline for Customisation

  • Requirements capture
  • Develop in place
  • Automate config & testing
  • New alerts if necessary

We care about our work

We're all people who want to 'do the right thing'. We also follow the YAGNI (You Aren't Going to Need It) agile software development principle. This means that we keep things simple enough to be re-factored, when required, because we have not built some over-complicated framework to meet some need that may never arise.

  • Deployment Accelerators
  • Managed Deployment
  • Managed Service
  • IAM Consultancy

Licensing Models

Licensing Models

Our FarmBuilder for Forgerock product is licensed for usage based on your needs. You can use it as an accelerator, or to fully manage your deployments

Build Once

Perfect for System Integrators or Customers to get started quickly

  • Ideal for non-production environments
  • Pay by the environment and deployment
  • You manage the environments once they are built
  • Upgrades can be deployed as required
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Continuous Deployments

Build once and train you to support future deployments

  • Creating unlimited environments
  • Support and training provided
  • For production and non-production
  • Product updates available
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Supported Deployment

Managed deployments from IDNucleus

  • Pay per supported environment
  • For production and non-production
  • Product support
  • Updates provided
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